Cracking Wine Quiz

Women Who Drink Wine there are a lot of us it would seem!

Fresh back from my WSET Diploma studies, I’ve found out that of the UK wine drinking public, around 60% are women. A large proportion of those are ‘Boomers’ (over 50’s to you and me). Yet most people still feel anxious and confused when buying wine – why?

To use marketing terminology, “buying wine is a risk due to the complex nature of the category”. In other words, there is an overwhelming choice of our favouite tipple, particularly in supermarkets and we don’t know where to start!

I feel that the marketeers might be over-egging the anxiety to make a point as I don’t generally see women wringing their hands and needing to breathe into a brown paper bag when shopping for wine, however, I do know what they are getting at.

I usually refer to this as being in a ‘wine buying rut’. A fear of the unknown, particularly when buying wine over the ‘magic’ £10 price point.  It can be a bit scary when you don’t know your Shiraz from your Sauvignon and finding one you actually like is a small triumph – to be repeated regularly!

My most popular wine tastings are those of the supermarket variety and generally the ‘New Kids on the Block’ tastings, which feature some of the newer grape varieties and blends appearing in the shops. Whilst I do buy wine from independent wine merchants, the supermarket is a good place to experiment and find your feet, as it were.

I also run a regular wine club and networking event called Women Who Drink Wine in Manchester. Each month we try theree wines made from the same grape variety, learn about why they are different and then, well, drink them!  We also have a ‘no question is a stupid one’ rule and women get the chance to try something they might not have chosen before.

The next one is on 18th May and is held at a very stylish venue called Workplace which is in Churchgate House (home of the Manchester Growth Hub). This month, we will mainly be drinking Sauvignon Blanc.

If anyone would like to join our ‘club’, it would be lovely to see you. There is a modest £10 charge and if nothing else, it might stop you from having a mild panic attack in Bargain Booze!