Supermarket Wine Comparison

Exquisite all the way at the Aldi Spring tasting

With snow on the ground and icicles hanging from my balcony, I bring you some of my faves from the Aldi Spring wine collection!

If, like me, you are sweltering with the heating on full blast, you could almost fool yourself  into thinking you might fancy a chilled glass of rosé.  If so, you are in luck as Aldi have a great range this year and two I particularly enjoyed were:

The Exquisite Collection Sud de France rosé 2017 at £5.99 from the Languedoc.  Whilst rosés from Provence are beautiful, light and have a glamorous hint of the French Riviera, they can be a bit on the expensive side.  This dry, fruity version from the Languedoc is great value for money, lovely for (er) Spring or (living in hope) Summer and bursting with strawberry and cherry fruits.

My absolute favorite, however, was the Exquisite Collection Touraine rosé 2017 at £5.99 from the Loire Valley.

Also dry, this definitely has lots of strawberries on the nose with some roses, citrus and melon too.  Infact quite a few descriptors for a sub £6 bottle of wine and made from a blend of Gamay (of Beaujolais fame), Côt (another name for Malbec) and Cabernet Franc – the latter always has a sort of leafy aroma and flavour which I picked up in this too.

In terms of the white wines, I’m normally not a New World Sauvignon Blanc fan….sorry I know a lot of people are.  However, the Exquisite collection Leyda Sauvignon Blanc 2017 at £5.49 from Chile I really did enjoy.  Of course it has the gooseberry, green melon and grassy aromas you might recognise, but it isn’t overly pungent (a la New Zealand) and it also had a mineral finish which made it more like the fantastic Sauvignons from France.

My recommendation to get you out of your ‘wine buying rut’ would be to try the Exquisite Collection Marsanne 2017 at £5.99 from the Languedoc.

Marsanne is usually ‘best friends’ with Roussanne – the two seem inseparable in the Rhone and make for an interesting blend, probably best enjoyed with food.   Interesting then to see it alone here and a great one to try if you are looking for something a bit different with peach and apricot aromas and a mandarin orange bitterness to the finish.  Quite yummy.  I’m not suggesting a divorce, but it certainly should get out on its own a bit more!

Finally I was intrigued to try the new collection of Gins in collaboration with Eden Mill.

Eden Mill Botanical Project Traditional Batch Gin at £19.99 is currently only available in Scotland but do keep your eyes peeled as I think we might be seeing it in England too.  There are three varieties including Blueberry & Vanilla and Ginger & Chilli.  Aldi has built a bit of a reputation for selling some great Gins and winning awards for them too.  Perhaps you want to stick to these until the weather actually starts to behave like it is almost Easter.